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    I live fairly close to AIM so I can ship or go pick up. During last ammo "scare" several local "dealers" (guy's working out of their house) were absolutely scalping folks to death. After the "scare", folks got even, and most of those dealers who got hyper greedy, are no longer in business. One guy who lives down here in KY, not far away, bought a boat load of Glocks, and tried to sell them around or over the 1k mark. Last I saw, he actually sounded like he was begging people to take them off of his hand, almost blaming folks for his F-up!, as though he was only doing a public service, and we should applaud his effort. I'm surprised the wholesaler sold him that many with him being a "kitchen table gun shop". Guess they'll give anyone a FFL

    Thinking back on the whole thing now, it seems pretty comical.

    Back to stash, every time I shoot a can, I've been ordering two to replace it. I think I have too much. I've got it stashed everywhere! Oh well, I guess it'll be Nov before it's time to panic again, or not., I'm good.

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    I never really had a stach, but Ron Jeremy and a bunch of other legends really have me inspired to get one. Why are you losing yours , OP? It sounds like it's falling out, or you're trimming it down slowly or something?
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