Interesting comparing the 45 Shield against the 9mm. All the measurements below are mine except the weight; that is taken from the S&W Product Page online.

Grip thickness measured at the widest point - 9mm 0.960 / 45 0.971
Muzzle to back of slide - 9mm 5.950 / 45 6.269
Grip to top of slide (both with a +1 magazine inserted) - 9mm 4.790 / 45 5.105
Slide width at ejection port - 9mm 0.901 / 45 0.955
Trigger to backstrap (Closest point) - 9mm 2.718 / 45 2.740
Safety lever width - 9mm 0.175 / 45 0.242 (I really like the wider safety)

Now the weight - a puzzler for me. From the S&W web site - 9mm 20.8 ounces / 45 20.5 ounces ... not a typo, they list the 45 as being slightly larger, yet lighter. Defies physics. When I find our food scale I will weigh them and update this thread with actuals.

So the two Shield offerings that I have are very close in size and weight. When the six round magazine is in the 45 Shield, it is almost identical in height to the 9mm with a +1 magazine inserted.

The 45 Shield carries the same work load as a full size 1911 that has a "standard" seven round magazine in the chute; with the ergonomics of a pocket pistol.

The 45 Shield does NOT fit a Blackhawk Serpa CQB Shield holster, so I will "assume" it will not fit any 9mm Shield kydex holster. It does however fit a DeSantis leather holster marked "9/40 Shield". Snug due to difference in slide width, good retention, but still has an easy presentation.

Street pricing is already excellent on the new pistol. I picked this one up for $400 plus tax.

I will also update this thread with a range report.

The 9mm Shield ... one with TruGlo TFO sights, the other with a TLR-6 (wife's pistol)

IMG_0648 S&W Shield Size 1280 by Jerry R, on Flickr

IMG_1441 Shield w-TLR-6 Size 1536 by Jerry R, on Flickr

The 45 Shield

IMG_2195 S&W 45 Shield by Jerry R, on Flickr

Some comparison shots

IMG_2200 Shield 45 v 9mm Side by Jerry R, on Flickr

IMG_2201 Shield 45 v 9mm Top by Jerry R, on Flickr