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    Weapons Related News

    I will be posting weapons related news (current events / legislation / etc) in an attempt to further all of our knowledge and keep everyone up to date with the potential of up and coming changes that we have already begun experiencing.

    Comments and discussions are welcome and appreciated. Everyone's opinion matters, but we do not want this to become a place for slander and unprofessional conduct. If you wish to counter a previous post and you believe that your reply may in any way become anything but professional, please PM the individual you wish to counter and have a private discussion. Please do not make personal attacks in a public setting.

    Please feel free to add informational articles that you may come across. Please keep in mind that we would like to keep the topics of discussion to weapons (firearms, etc) related material.

    If you have any question to whether or not an article is appropriate, please PM me or shoot me an email at the below listed address.

    Thank you.
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    Don't want to take this section too far afield, nor do I wish to initiate a political discussion, but last night's shootings in Washington DC may well provide the triggering mechanism for renewed discussion on the Assault Weapons Ban; especially since (a) it took place in the nation's captiol, (b) an AK-pattern rifle was apparently involved, and (c) the current administration is flush with victory on the heels of the health care legislation, and presumably looking ahead to the next agenda item. Health care, unemployment, education, renewing the AWB ... it's on there.

    I'm not sure that we can really do anything about crimes of this nature, much less the states of heart and mind of those responsible. What I do know is that after reading about "scenes witnesses likened to the Vietnam War" because an AK (of some sort) was present, I realized that many of us were lulled into a comfortable sleep after the election. Once parts and magazines became more widely available, prices began returning to normal, and the legislative saber-rattling moved off of center stage, we began to forget as a community that this is almost certainly a temporary respite. A ban will almost certainly return. A sunset will not.

    The moral of the story to me is this: if you don't have a few extra stripped lowers sitting in your gun cabinet (along with a modest stock of magazines), now might be the time to buy -- before the 11th hour panic results in people paying $1,000 for stripped Bushmaster lowers and $120+ per PMAG. Lest we forget, we've been perilously close to this before, and the lesson of 1986 (as it related to automatic weapons and the FOPA) is this: once that door closes, it is closed for good. I'm not talking about preparing for Armaggedon, TEOTWAWKI, or any kind of insurrectionist scenario nonsense. I'm just talking about forecasting your long-term AR-related shooting needs and investing accordingly. While you still can.

    Stand your ground; don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here. -- Captain John Parker, Lexington, 1775.

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