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9 September 2015, 16:39
Anyone take a Will Petty VCQB class?

21 December 2016, 21:49
Anyone take a Will Petty VCQB class?Were you still interested in this course?

22 December 2016, 01:43
I was but then got some negative feedback from around the net...so not sure now. Thoughts?

22 December 2016, 06:14
He'll be in MI twice next year. Unfortunately I can't make either class. He's offering a one day class as an alumni perk to the training group I train with so I'll be making that next year.

Curious what you've heard. I've haven't heard anything negative from his classes.

22 December 2016, 07:43
I was but then got some negative feedback from around the net...so not sure now. Thoughts?Here is my AAR when I took it: https://pistol-forum.com/showthread.php?16104-AAR-Costa-Ludus-Low-Light-Vehicle-CQB-2015-05-16-17-Houston-TX

I think it's an interesting class, and did not regret taking it a all. The caveat to that is that I have zero other vehicle experience. The spat between Petty and Pannone isn't really a secret; they've made up, but I'm not sure if it's more of just an image thing, as I was told that Pannone still strongly dislikes the temple index.

On the other hand, I'll note that many people who do hate on the temple index do not have the proper context of how it is taught and used by Petty. The derision of Petty's use of the pillars of the vehicle as cover is also commonly based off of misunderstanding of Petty's context (use when you have no other viable points of cover).

Besides Petty, I know that Aaron Cowan and Steve Fisher both teach temple index, while Darryl Bolke has professed that he sees absolutely nothing wrong with it when used the way Petty prescribes it; I have heard that Kyle Defoor and Matt Graham teaches it, but I've not confirmed that. Temple index, as taught by Petty, is not meant to be a general ready position, nor is it to be a general movement position; more than once, during my VCQB, Petty called out people for misusing the temple index. It is very much a niche position, used simply when one has no other viable position to point the muzzle to keep from lasing friendlies (e.g., vehicle bailouts with a principal, having small children underfoot, etc.) which one wants to exit out of as soon as possible.

Please note that temple index is not the same as high port. I'll also note that I'm quite open to something other than temple index, it's just that it's a commonly misunderstood position.

22 December 2016, 12:21
Thank you, Sir. I appreciate the information and the time you took to shed some light on the matter. If there is knowledge to be gained then I'm all for the training opportunity. Thanks again.