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I'll definitely keep that in mind because if I ever get another 1911 to replace the Remington-Rand I borrowed from my Grandpaw it'll most likely be a 10mm of some flavor. I've got a bad case of the "I wants" with both the G40 MOS and the G29 that will need satisfying first, but the funds on those are dependent on my current career change pursuit.
Having had both, and you're not 100% sold that you want a 10mm, I'd consider the Glock. They seem to take the snappy, hard recoil in stride. The Colt, on the other hand, started sliding down hill, albeit it a little at a time, from the first 1000 + rounds. Thus the recommendation for using the shock buffers at the range. (Never use them in a SD pistol, and they can come apart and render your weapon useless, just in case you didn't already know that).

I sent my Delta Elite to Wilson Combat and spent a fortune on it, just to realize it just wasn't practical.

My Glock just kept on ticking and for what I paid for it, I didn't care all that much about wear. It was just really too big for my hands, and I just couldn't find a niche, other than just having fun with it, and it eventually got traded away for something, I don't really recall. The Colt is a safe queen, and has been for a while.

If you have average or larger hands the G20 might just make your day! If you reload, you'll like it even better.