@alamo5000 did you get an upper together? Anyone else experimenting with this cartridge?

I recently bought a 16" Faxon bolt and barrel for an old S&W I don't use much. Seems like a good use of a rifle that's otherwise taking up space. That's about as far as I've gotten so far.

Ammo is available as are dies. Bullets are not terribly hard to find. Powder and primers are non-existent as is 6 ARC brass. The easy answer is to buy factory ammo and make brass that way. Size and trim Grendel is another fairly easy option. It should also be possible to form brass from 220 Russian or 7.62x39.

I suppose in friendlier times we'd have brass and ammo from several companies. Hopefully someone like Federal is working on the ARC. It would be nice to have a budget load from PPU or S&B.

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