I have been shooting a lot of rimfire lately. I didn't clean my suppressor for probably nearly 1000 rounds so needless to say it was filthy. I broke it down and was going to tumble the baffles and without thinking I tossed in the mount, end cap, and retainer ring from my optimus micro. The mount was really filthy.

About the time that I was going to start my tumble someone asked if they could throw about a dozen pieces of rifle brass in as well. Naturally I agreed but when I took the stuff out this is what I got.

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The part is made of 17-4 stainless with a nitride coating and I thought I had ruined the part or at least wore the finish off. After thinking about it and after a few emails I figured 17-4 isn't copper color. I guess during the tumble as the brass rubbed against the mount it left copper particles that stuck to the nitride.

With some gun oil and a bit of scrubbing every now and then it appears to be coming off. Thank goodness. My OCD would have killed me until I bought another mount. Disaster averted.

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