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If its not a firearm then what is it? The only thing missing to make it go boom is a bullet. How is their kit any different from me buying a glock in a box? The only thing missing from the glock in a box to make it go boom is a bullet. Just to be clear the ATF has zero issues with the 80% lowers... That has not changed.

Lets keep in mind why they are going after this:"The raid by agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives comes after ghost guns have been used more frequently in high-profile attacks. In September, two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies were shot while sitting in their patrol vehicle by a man using a handgun built from Polymer80 parts, according to the documents."

Somebody who walks up to a couple of cops sitting in their car and executes them probably should not have a super easy avenue to acquire a firearm... I mean no disrespect BU, just want to debate on the merits of the topic...
No disrespect taken and none intended, but I get somewhere between disappointed and nervous when I see gun-guys start rationalizing shit like this.

You realize it's still an 80% lower in the box, right? So, it's not a firearm. There is no law that I'm aware of (at least at the federal level) that prevents anyone from buying an 80% frame/lower because they are legally not firearms. So, if the item is not restricted, how does that change when other non-restricted things are in the same box? Putting other things in the same box as an 80% lower doesn't turn that lower into a firearm. That's my point.

The ATF's logic, and what you are saying, is that buying an 80% lower is fine, but if that 80% lower comes in a box with all the other stuff you need to complete the pistol then it's not OK. So, if you buy the parts from different vendors, or even add them all to you shopping cart from a single vendor but separately = OK, bundled together as one "kit" = not OK. That's twisted logic, at best.