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    Any Sig Experts in here?

    I got to looking online about getting my P226 slide milled and at least one place said there were versions of the slide that cannot be milled. I am not sure why this is so. The photos they provided on their website showed 'good' (can be milled) and 'not good' (cannot be milled) slides. Apparently mine is the version that cannot be milled (according to them) but other places make no such mention of this limitation. Maybe that's just what that one company's process. (see the link below. Particularly the photos they provide).

    I also do not know what a ' "slide melt" style red dot cutout' that they mention is.

    I don't know a ton of details but my P226 is an "R" series, P226R. I don't know what else to look at to determine the 'version'. I have as I rarely (almost never) know about such things.

    As an example the guys in the link below do not mention any limitations on slide milling. Nor does anyone else that I can find that does that service.

    I've also considered just buying a second slide and having that milled to accept a Holosun optic. Like everything else the slides are in short supply. That might be an overall better option if I can find a decent slide for a reasonable price. If I can just use my slide as is I would just send that one off. It's already got suppressor sights on it etc. That would be best but now I have doubts if it's doable.

    Sig sells a complete slide that includes an optics cut but it's for their optic only. Big surprise there. I would have to send that off to get 'fixed' if were to go that route (while also trying to sell a Sig red dot that I don't want) so it's not worth the hassle to go that route.

    Here is yet another company that does it. Again no mention of restrictions on optics mounting for a P226. That said I do not want adapter plates. I want the optic to sit right on top of the slide.

    Please note that I have not decided to do this for sure yet and I haven't even picked out an optic yet. I am open to ideas, but I like the 507K-X2 that I have now, hence I am basing everything off of that and getting something with similar controls/reticle options for the 226.

    Here is another link to a milling service. There seem to be several available.
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