Example is cop training. Not intended to start a shitfest, so mods feel free to can it if it goes that way.

Example #1: Cop pulls service weapon, yells "TASER! TASER! TASER!" and shoots an individual resisting arrest. Poor training? No practice? Absent training? Same thing??? Lots of variables we don't know, was the Taser worn correctly, ie; on the weak side to prevent drawing a lethal solution under stress. Is the officer current on training? Training is a perishable skill, whereas stress never sleeps.

Result: the officer was swiftly fired and awaits trial for negligent manslaughter. Career and future gone, in a handful of seconds.

Example #2: Cop rolls up on a domestic involving a juvenile with a knife. He identifies a threat, with knife hand drawn back, preparing to stab a victim. In a split second, the cop triages the situation, eliminates the threat with several lethal shots to center mass. On its face, this looks like a "good shoot". The officer had almost no time to make a decision, and any hesitation on his part might have resulted in the victim being lethally wounded, as well as the juvenile doing the attacking, as it didn't look like she was going to shut her rage down. Again, conjecture, however CPD did the smart thing and released the body cam footage immediately, showing beyond reasonable doubt that the officer had no time to pursue plan B, whatever, or if there might have been one.

Result: Officer placed on active administrative leave, community loses its mind, media demonizes him for making the only sensible decision. Or was it? It's easy to see why so many cops are leaving the force across the nation. Aside from being executed at a much higher rate than the "unarmed innocent victims" they are accused of, you have no help from truthful reporting anymore because it doesn't mesh with political agendas.