Got started on a new project recently. On a whim I picked up one of the KE Arms polymer lowers from Brownells and figured what the hell, might as well go with a theme build called project lightweight. I have most of what I need at the moment, but would like some opinions on some things like lightweight BCG.

So far I have the KE arms lower, an upper without FA or door, and Faxon Gunner profile barrel. Currently en route I have a 2A arms titanium gas block, and a Midwest Industries CRLW Lightweight 10.5" Mlok rail which I chose for its 7.6 oz installed wt. I may even pick up one of the titanium barrel nuts with it to save a bit more on weight. CH is a BCM small latch. Planning on a V7 titanium shorty muzzle brake.

Because I like to do home paint jobs I am also going to coat the whole rifle in tungsten Duracoat.

Really the only things I still need are a trigger and BCG. My question comes to the BCG. I don't really want to mess with adjustable gas blocks but I do want to save some weight. Some lightweight BCG are lighter than others. I could go with a super lightweight and use and adjustable gas key, but again, don't really want to mess around too much. I thought possibly go with a JP lightweight carrier which would save some weight but isn't as light as others and then run a Sprinco Orange spring. Since this is not going to be a suppressor host, I am not too worried about excess gas besides having bolt bounce. Hoping that the Sprinco 2x power spring will be enough to tame the slightly lower weight of the JP carrier. I just go with a mil spec BCG?

I know I am over thinking things too much on this, but hey, I called this project lightweight, so I want to see how light I can make it without spending and absolute fortune and also not worrying about taming gas.

How it sits currently.