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    34mm Mount or rings

    My 6ARC barrel is almost done (I hope). It will be 14 weeks in a few days and McGowan's website says 14-16 weeks turnaround time.

    With that in mind I am wondering if anyone has a spare set of rings or any type of 34mm mount that I can borrow for a while after I get my barrel in? Any brand, does not matter. Not sure about height. I will pay shipping both ways if anyone has anything to offer.

    I am setting this rifle up to be able to shoot parlor trick long distances. The farther the better. I bought a 22MOA Badger Ordnance rail riser but I kind of want to see where I am at before forking out another few hundred bucks for a good mount.

    If anyone has anything spare that they are not using (rings or any kind of 34mm scope mount) please let me know.
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