When reloading components starting getting scarce, I stocked up on the consumables like tumbling media, case lube, spare parts of various types..

One thing I bought was five extra bottles of RCBS case slick spray and put them in my reloading cabinet. I had a few already that Iíd been going through relatively quickly, and until recently I used them fast enough not to notice but between buying a lot more than normal on top of what I already had and storing them, it was noticeable.

Back in September, I looked at the bottles and all were low, and one of them was almost halfway empty. I make sure when I buy them that theyíre as close to full as possible so I was curious; I drew a line at the fluid level and dated it on the outside of the bottle. I checked last night and in two months, thereís been about 1/8Ē of evaporation.

The bottles are stored in a dark cabinet, no sunlight in the room, and itís climate controlled. They arenít leaking. How are they experiencing so much loss? Evaporation is all I can guess but theyíre sealed and in a dark/cool location.

I made a little progress after talking to RCBS customer service via email. Iíll end up calling them Monday (closed today) because of the speed they reply through email makes asking follow up questions difficult

Each bottle has a date on it printed on a price tag-esque sticker and the bottles DO have a shelf life. Now I need them to confirm whether the date sticker is a production date (which is what I think) and how long past production is the shelf life? Because right now at this very moment Sportsmans warehouse in Columbia has 17 month old bottles for sale on the shelf, 07/19/21 date sticker

The labels donít indicate a shelf life period, so I was a little taken aback when the CS rep told me that considering they make no mention of it anywhere

Honestly because of this Iíll probably buy a ton of pure lanolin and 99% ISO and make my own from now on