Streamlight has introduced a number of new products for 2014. The ProTac HL3 is a 3-cell, 1100 lumen handheld light that has a wide light throw reduce tunnel vision. The ProTac HL3 will reach over 300 meters and features a High-Strobe-Low tailcap with 10 Tap Technology that can be adjusted for customized needs for the order of lighting options. The ProTac HL3 will retail for $155 and will be available in April 2014.

The Scorpion HL is a 600 lumen handheld light with a rubber texturized grip that also features a 10 Tap Technology tail cap. The Scorpion will retail for $120 and will be available in March 2014.

The TLR-4G handgun light will accommodate sub-compact, compact, and full size handguns. This 115 lumen light can operate in Light Only, Laser Only, and both Light and Laser. The TLR-4G will operate in extreme temperatures from -20 F to 120 F. This light will be available in February 2014 and will retail for $399.

The TLR-2 IRW handgun light features a 300 lumen light and IR laser. It will fit on a MIL-STD 1913 Rail or the Glock accessory rail. The TLR-2 IRW will be available in February 2014 and will retail for $575.

For those looking for a convenient rechargeable by USB light, the Stylus Pro and the Clipmate USB are great options. The Stylus Pro is a large pen sized 70 lumen light and can be recharged using an USB cable. The micro USB port is accessed by pulling down a sleeve to expose the port. The Stylus Pro will be available in April 2014.

The Clipmate USB is the perfect clip-on light that features a metal clip on the back side of the body to clip onto a pocket, MOLLE webbing, or any location that is accessible. The USB charger tab is located on the bottom side of the body with a water resistant cover. The light is attached to a bendable neck and features both red and white light in high and low settings. The light offers 70 and 10 lumen options depending on the setting.

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