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    The Weapon Evolution Logo Explained

    In early 2009, the Weapon Evolution logo made its first appearance on our main page at, and elsewhere throughout the site. This post serves to address the natural questions about the larger meaning behind the design, how it came to be, and what it is intended to communicate about our site. As explained below, each element is intended to serve as a representation of a major theme related to our purpose here at Weapon Evolution.

    Here's the official explanation ...

    Weaponry - The arrow is symbolic of the tools of war throughout human history, while the "in-flight" orientation evokes the concept of forward progress.

    Technology - The circular element was originally conceived as a visual representation of an ancient warrior's shield, but itself evolved into something more reminscent of a gear, which provides an intrinsic link to industry, technology and machinery.

    Identity - The three bars running counter to the shaft of the arrow remind us of the three main objectives of the site (information, evaluation and discussion), but upon closer inspection you can see that these are actually stylized representations of the characters W (above) and E (below), which of course stand for Weapon Evolution.

    Finally, the surface treatment resembles that of Damascus steel, which reminds us of the hand-crafted origins of the weaponsmith's art.
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