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    Lucas Bore Guide

    I recently read a post where it was asked what bore guide should the poster purchase for use with the AR-15. I thought I would post some information and photos of my favorite bore guides by Mike Lucas. The major advantage of the Lucas bore guide is that it uses an insert in the back of the guide and the insert is sized to your cleaning rod; you simply measure your cleaning rod and email the size to Mr. Lucas when you place your order. The insert sized to your rod helps keeps the rod centered in your bore as there can be no movement from the rear of the guide. The bore guide features a solvent port in addition to the insert. I use Lucas bore guides on my bolt guns as well as my AR-15 and am very happy with the perfomance. Mike Lucas is a gentleman to do business with.
    link to more information:
    AR-15 5.56/.223 guide and .308Win Guide and inserts

    Cleaning Rod with Insert

    Guide without Insert installed

    Guide with Insert Installed
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