Core-15 has released a new 16" Carbine 1/8 300 Blackout barrel for $235.00

New from Core 15 is our 4150 CMV 16" Carbine 1:8 Twist 300 Blackout barrels. Expanding on our line of 300 Blackout products we are introducing these for purchase as barrels only. We are not manufacturing our 300 Blk uppers with these barrels.

- 4150 CMV
- 16"
- Carbine Length Gas System
- High Temp Cerakote Finish (Armor Black)
- 1:8 Twist
- 5/8x24 TPI
- M4 Barrel Extension
- Threads are cut concentric to the bore

*Disclaimer - The gas port on these barrels are sized to run subsonic ammunition reliably both suppressed and unsuppressed. If you intend to fire super-sonic ammunition through this barrel we recommend utilizing a adjustable gas block to reduce the volume of gases cycling back through the firearm.