I have long read Tom Givens Rangemaster newsletter, I post them often on this site, and I knew that his iconic level Rangemaster class was on my list of "must attends". I wanted to take this class specifically because I knew Tom teaches some of the same concepts which I am very familiar with, just in a different presentation. After finishing this class, I can easily see why he has a winning record of students using deadly force in real world confrontations. The concepts were hammered home repeatedly and concisely. While this class was not a tactical class, that is not a detriment, it is specifically designed so that Tom can provide the students a specific focus on concepts and a primer on skill sets he believes will suit them the best in the real world. Tom was nice enough to let me audit the class and I brought my camera along. The class was extremely structured and those of us who are constantly training with various instructors can easily tell that the material has been fine tuned to provide the best possible combination of information for the time allowed.

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