Starting a thread to show your groups. As mentioned elsewhere, a 10 shot group better reveals the capability of your rifle, ammo, and skill set than small groups. We all have room for improvement. Too many internet commandos fake their results and otherwise set unrealistic expectations. Let this thread be a place for feedback and support in precision with your AR.

Iíll start.

Worked on some recipes today with 8208XBR and 77gr SMK. Best group at 100yds was IMR max load. Strangely, none of these fully cycled the round. Maybe because it was 25*. I saw zero signs of pressure and will work up from here.

Made 10 rounds of 4 loads (some didnít seat well so I chose not to fire them).

Rifle: WEVO tribute rifle. Mega with proof barrel.

Here are the results. Squares are 1Ē.