Made a non-NFA twin of one of my favorite carbines, which is basically a home-built clone of the BCM CQB KMR. The 15" KMR-A was a left over from switching my SPR over to the Centurion handguard, and I used this as an excuse to upgrade to a T2 on my SBR.

Specs (CQB / Carbine):
Aero upper / lower receivers
Geissele Super-Tricon triggers
BA 11.5" / Daniel Defense 16" CHF mid
LMT Enhanced BCG / BCM BCG
KMR-A handguard (10" / 15")
Griffin Taper Mount MD (Flash Comp / Closed Tine FH)
Aimpoint Micro RDS in Bobro QD (T2 / T1)
Griffin Armament SN-ACH charging Handle
Spikes T2 powdered Tungsten buffer / standard carbine
B5 SOPMOD stock
Magpul Pro BUIS
Streamlight ProTac 1 on Arisaka offset mount
Frank Proctor sling
BCM Gunfighter Grip / VFG
Griffin Armament Recce 5 (always / occasionally)

BTW, I highly recommend the Frank Proctor sling - very minimalistic and has no metal banging around.

While I generally prefer EOTech HWS over the Aimpoints, these KMR-A style builds are so light and slim that they really demand the Micros. Really great set-ups all the way around, so wanted a non-NFA version. Tried to get everything set up about the same, but of course you have a bit less real estate on the handguard for the SBR.

Anyone else have twins?