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    G19 Ported Makeover part III

    Well, due to life and a hundred other things, I still haven't been to the range to test the Radian Turbo/Ramjet project, but I did put the finishing touches on it today. One final thing. I loved the Pyramid trigger with the Ti nitride coating, double diamond connector and I also ordered the moded Ti coated plunger and installed it in my 19 with the Radian Turbo/comp. It's basically the same as I put in my 43X and added the modded plunger. All I can tell you at this point, for a non comp gun, the trigger is slicker than a weales' weenie and probably still between 3.5 lbs. and 4.0 lbs. right where I feel comfortable for a SD weapon. After lube and dry fire (approx. 100 to 120X) it felt really settled in. Now for the real thing, Shoot the crap out of it at the range. Between this and the new 43X build I hope to put at least 350 rounds through them in the next few days and finish up these two Glocks and make any last adjustments. Will be taking the origional G19 barrel to the range to test the Radian Turbo/Comp vs. stock barrel and will be shooting 115 gn. practice, SD, and 147 gn. practice and SD ammo through both and unscientifically try to compare everything. Can't use a chrono on the indoor range, but will borrow a pact timer from a friend to shoot the comped 19 with differen't weights even though in my old age not expecting record split times.

    Any recommendations/suggestions before I go will be appreiated. Thanks ahead.
    P.S. Just ordered a PACT III club timer. Will probably hold off on the G19/Radian test until it gets here and just test the 43X next to a stock 43.

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