I posted this on my Facebook page back in May, and I really should have posted this here too...

The process of removing or replacing the Glock magazine base plate (or "floor" plate) has a reputation for being a daunting task mainly because of the two locking tabs on the sides of the factory Glock magazines. Here's a quick guide on how to remove then replace the Glock magazine base plates with relative ease...or at least, this is the way I do it:

(Replacing the stock base plates on these seven magazines with the new 10-8 Performance base plates.)

Start by using the Glock Disassembly tool to press in the magazine insert through the hole in the floor plate.

The Disassembly tool should stay in this position once you push it into the magazine as far as it will go.

Pinch the sides of the magazine with your thumb and forefinger.

Use the Disassembly Tool to pry the floor plate towards the front of the magazine.

Prying towards the front while simultaneously pinching the sides of the magazine will allow the floor plate to move forward past the small tabs on each side which lock the floor plate in place.

Remove the Disassembly Tool once the floor plate is pushed beyond the locking tabs, and push/pull the floor plate all the way off. Use the thumb of the hand holding the magazine to keep tension on the magazine spring.

It's critical to wear safety glasses during the entire process because you are working with a magazine spring which is under tension. Use your thumb to prevent it from flying out of the magazine. Release the tension by carefully lifting your thumb.

The magazine insert will likely be completely dislodged and must be repositioned over top of the magazine spring prior to installing the new 10-8 Performance base plate.

Use your thumb again to compress the insert and magazine spring so that it is just below flush with the bottom of the magazine. Then begin to position the 10-8 Performance base plate into position.

Keep the magazine insert and spring depressed as you apply pressure on the 10-8 Performance base plate to move it past the locking tabs.

Once you feel the back edge of the 10-8 Performance base plate move past the locking tabs, it should be fairly easy to finishing pushing it into its final position.

Wa-la! The magazine insert should lock down into the hole of the 10-8 Performance base plate with relative ease. Your done!

15 minutes later I had this:

The 10-8 Performance Glock magazine base plates are $4.00 each and can be purchased here: